Parish Office:
45 Thelma Street, Como, WA 6152
Telephone: (08) 9450 5921
Fax: (08) 9450 5760
Email: como@perthcatholic.org.au
Email: ossielewis28@gmail.com
Website: www.holyfamily.com.au

Parish Priest:
Fr Ossie Lewis PP

Resident Priest:
Fr Greg Carroll

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Friday: 7.00 pm
Saturday: 6.00 pm
Sunday:  8.30 am and 10.00 am
Sunday Mandarin Mass: 4.00 pm

Saturday 5.30 pm to 5.45 pm
or anytime by appointment


Are you new to the Parish ?

If you have recently moved into this area and have not registered yourself with the parish, Fr Ossie would like to meet you. Please do see him after Mass.
We warmly welcome you and your family. Thank You!


weddingringsIf you are thinking about marriage, please see your celebrant or your parish priest before you make other arrangements.
A minimum of 6 months notice is required to help you prepare for this important step of your life.


baptismThe sacrament of Baptism of your child is part of the sacrament of Initiations.
It is an important commitment parents are taking for their child to live in a community of faith, therefore, preparation for this sacrament is important.
Please contact the office for an appointment for a date for the preparation and baptism.

  • Baptism 11.30 am after Mass on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month

Safeguarding Project


Breda Pires
Breda Pires
0422 237 261
Jim Phillips
0419 964 806
The aim of the Safeguarding Project is to raise awareness of our collective responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable individuals at church. This will involve the implementation of a number of ‘best practices’. The Archbishop has requested that all parishes proceed without delay. I ask that you support our Safeguarding Officers, Breda Pires & Jim Phillips at this implementation stage.
Thank you, Fr Ossie.

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Saturday 30 March 2019 6.00pm:
Commentator: Frank Giannini
Readers: Helen Mason
                 Warren Pavey

Sunday 31 March 2019 8.30am:
Commentator: Lynne Newton
Readers: Tshung Cheng
                 Claire Noonan

Sunday 31 March 2019 10.00am:
Commentator: Cecilia Bray
Readers: Anne Armstrong
                 Jonathan Shack

30/3 6.00pm Peter Quinn
31/3 8:30am Shajy Vadukoot
31/3 10.00am Dimitro Sidi

Altar Servers:
30/3 6.00pm: Aaron Richards / Cameron Richards / Preston Pereira / Chelsea Pereira / Elisabeth Morris
31/3 8:30am: Kian Sykes / Sam LeFebvre / Palak Vadukoot / Nicholas Bell / Leo Newman
31/3 10.00am: K Don Shenehan / Mike Muttupulle / Donnay Brown / C Don Shenehan / Edith Johnson

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist:
30/3 6.00pm: Shanti Dias / Alex Paljetak / Lmda Hernawati / Warren Pavey
31/3 8:30am: Geraldine Taylor / Mary McMahon / Br Terry Casey / Catherine Ah Nren
31/3 10.00am: Tony Pires / V1cky Ha / l lzaac Francis / Pascale Ng

Children's Liturgy Leaders:
31/3 8:30am: Jenny LeFebvre
31/3 10.00am: Joyce Khoo

Morning Tea after Mass:
7/4 8:30am: Jenny & Bob Albonico / Patricia Hanrahan / Margaret Jarvis / Maggie Doyle
7/4 10:00am: Amy Khoo / Peter Tsia & friends / Felicity Johnson

Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady:
31 March 2019 Giannini
7 April 2019 Staude

Altar/Flower Arrangers:
30 March 2019
6 April 2019

Church Cleaning:
30 March 2019  
6 April 2019  

Gardening Mornings: Twice Monthly 8.30 - 11.00 am
Next Rostered Date 8.00 am 13 April 2019

Altar Cloths
April 2019 J Browne
May 2019 T Cosson