Parish News

February 2018


We congratulate the following parishioners celebrating their wedding anniversaries this month. Robin & Tita Sy Suan, Geraldine & Mike Taylor, Randolph &Anna Francis, Lindy & John Fitzgerald, Mark & Mary Casey, Cora & Ray McBeath, Cathal & Lesa Lennon, who celebrate their wedding anniversaries this month. May God bless you on your special day.
If you would like your wedding anniversary to be remembered in the parish bulletin and the Prayer of the Faithful please enter your details on the form in the church foyer.

Sacramental Program

sacramental Program
Enrolments are now being taken for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in 2018. Enrolment Forms are available in the church foyer.

Ceremony dates:
First Reconciliation: Saturday 23 June 2018
First Eucharist: Sunday 26 August 2018
Confirmation: Saturday 3 November.

Rite of Enrolment: Will be celebrated at ALL Masses on the weekend of 17-18 February 2018.


Mass Intentions

6 pm: Holy Family Parishioners
8.30 am: Holy Family Parishioners
10:00 am: Holy Family Parishioners
Vincenzo Algeri
If you would like a weekend Mass offered for your intentions, please complete a Mass Intention envelope and leave it with Fr Ossie, Pastoral Assistants or Office Staff the WEEK PRIOR to the Mass.


Laudato Si

Caring for our Common Home

We are pleased to provide a series of key quotes to give you a sense of the man ideas of the Pope´s encyclical.
Learning to accept our body, to care for it and to respect its fullest meaning, is an essential element of any genuine human ecology. Also, valuing one’s own body in its femininity and masculinity is necessary if I am going to be able to recognise myself in an encounter with someone who is different. In this way we can joyfully accept the specific gifts of another man or woman, the work of God the Creator, and find mutual enrichment. It is not a healthy attitude which would seek “to cancel out sexual differences because it no longer knows how to confront it”. You may download the Pope´s encyclical at:


Easter Season

  • Lenten Reflection Groups Monday 13/2 - Friday23/3
  • Lenten Reconciliation 21 March 7pm - 2nd Rite of Reconciliation
  • Palm Sunday 24/25 March Blessing of the Oils 27 March (St Mary’s Cathedral)
  • Holy Thursday 29 March 7pm - Mass of the Last Supper
  • Good Friday 30 March 10am - Stations of the Cross; 3pm - Passion of the Lord
  • Easter Saturday Vigil 31 March 7pm - Mass
  • Easter Sunday 1 April



Our condolences to Celia Bray & family on the passing of her brother James in Ireland. May he rest in peace.



Next meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday 20 February in Meeting Room 1.



2018 Chinese New Year Mass at 4 pm on February 25. Celebrant: Archbishop Costelloe Followed by traditional Lion Dance Fr Patrick Lim, the Chaplain for the Catholic Chinese Community is the Parish Priest at St Pius X, Manning. You are invited to join the Chinese Community to celebrate their final Mass in our parish before they move to St Pius X.



2018 Columban Art Calendar. Only $9.

2018 JOSEPHITE CALENDARS will be available from 11 November 2017. Only $8.


Youth Mass

There is a Youth Meet-Up planned for next Saturday 17th February after the 6pm Mass. Come along and have your say about the direction our Youth could/should take in 2018.



To date $578,604 has been raised for for the Archbishop´s Appeal for LifeLink. The target of $650,000 is in sight and any further contributions would be gratefully accepted.


Project Compassion

Envelopes for the Caritas Project Compassion 6 weeks of Lent will be distributed on church pews from 10 February 2018. They may be placed in the Second Collection from 17/18 February 2018.



We thank our retiring councillors Jim Phillips, Amanda Johnson, Vince Scanlan and leon Hanrahan. Your contributions were much appreciated. We welcome our new councillors, David Pereira, Ralph Affinito, Peggy Affinito and Leon Dias.
We also thank Tony Pires who is standing down as chair after two years in the position and welcome Marie Tiley as chairperson, Marianne Taylor is the Secretary and David Pereira was appointed the Finance Committee Liaison.


digital piano

Your finance committee has met & started looking at the desirability or neccesity for replacing the existing digital piano. This will involve wide ranging consultation with all the present users, advice from audio-visiual experts and others, and the all important process of obtaining quotes from at least three possible suppliers. In the meantime the funds raised from the International Dinner will be quarantined in the budget until such time as it is necessary.


Yamaha piano

Our beautiful, well maintained, high gloss, Walnut finish, 121 cm tall Yamaha U1 piano is under utilised in Parish Hall. Valued at $4,500, if you are interested in buying it please see Fr Ossie or contact the parish office on We will be advertising the piano on Gumtree from Monday 8th January.



To maintain safe traffic flow in the chruch carpark please obey the ENTRY/EXIT signs and follow the direction of the ARROWS marked on the ground.



The liturgical year of 2018 has been identified by the Australian Bishops as a national Year of Youth. 21 January 2018 after 10 am youth Mass Preparation Meeting. We need singers & musicians for a Youth Choir, Lectors, Collectors and Extraordinary Ministers. We will celebrate the Year of Youth with a Youth Mass and social event in February 2018.


Goal 1: To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person - The Church is challenged to foster in young people a sense of Catholic wisdom and identity that will provide a guiding direction for the rest of their lives. As a community, parish and family we are called to work together as a broader Church community to walk with young people on their faith journey.
Goal 2: To draw young people into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community - Faith communities should strive to be places that draw in young people, give them a sense of belonging, and offering them opportunities to minister side by side with adults.
Watch this space !
Goal 3: To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today - We the Church parishes, communities, schools and families, are called to reach out to young people, welcome them, help them find their place in the Church, and accept and encourage the gifts they bring to the whole community. Without young people, the Body of Christ is incomplete.


Church Choir

The whole congregation singing at Mass fosters a strong bond of unity and a sense of belonging. We sing God’s praises with songs based on scripture & reflecting the theme of the days readings and the season of the liturgical year. If you would like to join one of our choirs to help lead our liturgical singing please see Fr Ossie, Tony Pires or Nola Smith. Liturgical singing is sung prayer



Every FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH this group will meet in the church after the 9am Mass. They will particularly pray for those on our Prayer List.
Win Klomp firmly believes the Power of Prayer was in action when her trasured watch was recently found and returned to her. Praise the Lord.



Do you like children and want to share the love of God with them ? Our Sunday Children´s Liturgy Team urgently needs YOU ! No experience needed. Contact the Office on 9450 5921.


no parking

Please be aware that there is a marked Cycle Way on the Church side of Thelma Street. It extends from Canning Highway for almost the entire length of Thelma Street. This unbroken white line on the road forbids Parking or Standing. Vehicles parked on Thelma Street are making it dangerous to exit the church carparks as they conceal any oncoming vehicles or cyclists! Please do not park on Thelma St. Additional over flow parking has been provided on the grass on the southern side of the church. Take the first entrance off Thelma Street and continue through Canning Hwy carpark to lawn area.
We are anticipating large numbers at the Easter Triduum ceremonies so will provide OVERFLOW PARKING on the lawn area to the southern side of the church. Enter from the Canning Hwy Car Park (1st entrance off Thelma St). Gates to lawn area will be open 60 minutes prior to each ceremony.



Th FIRST COLLECTION goes to the Parish Priest to supplement his diocesan stipend that provides for his personal needs.
The SECOND COLLECTION is used for the provision and ongoing maintenance of ALL parish assets, consumables and pastoral programs. For instance, the maintenance of buildings, grounds and furniture, the purchase of Altar bread & wine, music copyright licenses & stationary, the provision of gas, water, electricity & telephone. For the continued provision of our Liturgical and Pastoral activities please be generous with the SECOND COLLECTION.


Santo Pio

meet every Friday after the 7 pm Mass. You are most welcome to join this small prayerful group.


Parish Pastoral

Copies of our PARISH MISSION STATEMENT (Click to download) are available in the church foyer. Please forward your comments to the PPC Chairman Tony Pires on Phone: 0418 900 046 or


piety stall

Our Piety Stall has been restocked with beautiful liturgical, sacramental & devotional items. Please take a moment to browse through our cabinet.


Holy Family

Designed to reach out in very practical ways to those in need our community. Holy Family Care is at the very heart of our Christian identity. Parishioners are being asked to volunteer their time and/or talents on a regular basis. A register will be set up and Coordinators will call on volunteers as the need arises. Anyone in our community (not just parishioners) who have a temporary or on-going need will be able to access this service by contacting the Parish Office. Support is needed in various areas eg. Transport to and from church, shops or medical appointments. Short term home help: Emergency meals or Babysitting; Handyman jobs and so on.
Information flyers and Volunteer Registration Forms are available in the church foyer. Volenteers needed. Contact Parish Office on 9450 5921

Parish Sponsors

If you would like to advertise your business in the Holy Family weekly Parish Bulletin please contact the office or see Fr Ossie or Nola Smith after Mass this weekend for more details on the Parish Sponsorship Program.


The Power of Prayer

Please keep the following people in your prayers this week.
Daisy Givens, Clemente Manalo, David Williams, Rick Starr, Joseph, Peter Jones, Ivy Din, Jo Trinca, Carmella Scurria, Helen Goddard, Ed Devereux, Josephine Pollom, Dolores Black, Nell Caulfield, David Sean Vaughan, David Gamman, Doreen Stevens, Norah Langshaw, Jacinta Rimmington, Henry Wee, Natasha Ria-Cruz-Guttridge, Robin & Robinson Sy Suan, D Sai, Donna Brennan, William Rainford, Jenny & James Sng, Twilla Young, Bernadette Fernandez & family, Canon Frank Watts, Christine Fox, Rev Giraeme, Varriele, Troisi, Cain, Walker, Serafini, Stevens, Ferroa, Hart & Vinceguerra Families.
If you know someone who has asked for prayers please add their name to the list in the church foyer.

Planned Giving Program

Planned Giving Envelope

Planned Giving Envelopes effective from July 2017 are available in the church foyer.
Anyone who would like to use these envelopes can you please complete a pledge slip in the Church Foyer and drop it into the office.
Holy Family Parish Como-Kensington relies on the generous and regular financial contributions by parishioners through our Planned Giving Program. Your contributions are put toward the upkeep and maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds and the continued operation of pastoral, religious education and evangelising programs in our parish.
For your convenience you may contribute to the Holy Family Planned Giving Program using Planned Giving Envelopes or through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
We encourage you to use EFT and have your contribution deducted weekly, monthly or annually from your cheque or savings account. You may do this by contacting your financial institution or using personal online banking. Your contribution will be recorded on your bank statement and you may cancel or alter the amount of your contribution at any time.
The bank details for Holy Family Parish are:
Account Name: Holy Family Como
BSB Number: 036-050 Account Number: 790041
Reference/Description: (Your Surname & Initials)
PLEASE NOTE: Planned Giving contributions are NOT tax deductible.


Church Rear Steps

The City of South Perth recently conducting a Public Building Risk Assessment on our church. We have been advised that to comply with Helth/Building legislation the ramp, steps and rear of the church at the top of the steps MUST BE KEPT CLEAR AR ALL TIMES as they are the main exit way in the event of an emergency. The City are providing us with approriate signage and will monitor the situation on an ad hoc basis. Please do not sit on the steps or stand near glass doors.


Arranging flowers

As some of our 'flower arrangers' have had to give up their commitment to the roster, we are in need of three or four new volunteers. With an extra few members on the roster for the year, your commitment would only mean 'doing the flowers' for four or five fortnights in Ordinary Time during the Liturgical year; (no flowers are required for Advent and Lent). Money for fresh flowers is provided for the first weekend of your turn, with the second weekend just requiring a little freshening/topping up. Please contact me on: Ph94578082, M: 0409883077 or email: for further details or leave your details at the Parish Office. Megan Phillips Liturgy Committee (Sanctuary flowers, banners etc.)



Adoration is held in our parish on Thursday from 9.30am-3.30pm. We 2 more people to spend an hour with Jesus on Thursdays from 12:30 am - 2:30 pm. Please consider adding your name to the Roster in the the church foyer.


I want you

Ask Not What Your Parish Can Do For You – But What You Can Do For Your Parish. Watch this space –more details later.

Como Holy Family Ukulele Players


Nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon!! Why not drop in to the Parish Hall and join in a-sing-a-long with our Parish Ukulele Group while they practice. Afternoon Tea/Coffee will be provided. Great time guaranteed. Contact Alan 0404 017 382.

eRecord. Last Chance For Back Issues


The e-Record is the new format of communication for local news and events from across the Archdiocese of Perth. We encourage all past readers of The Record wherever possible to embrace the new format as we work to ensure the Gospel finds its place within our ever changing modern society. To subscribe to the digital version of the e-Record, send your details to Our Parish will print and distribute copies of the e-Record for those who do not have or use email. Copies will be available in the foyer and a donation of $1 per copy is requested to cover our cost.
FREE copies of the latest edition of The RECORD Magazine are on the church pews. With a focus on our Aboriginal culture and the work of the church it is a very interesting read. Please take one home.


Craft and Cuppa

The Holy Family Parish Craft Group meet every Wednesday in Hall or Meeting Room 1 following the 9am Mass. Great bunch of ladies, lots of laughter and funny anecdotes. You can knit, sew, mend, do anything or nothing!! A hot cuppa and a friendly chat are always on offer!
The Parish Craft Group thank all who generously supported their Craft Sale Fundraiser. The sale raised enough to purchase a new set of Altar Bells for the Sanctuary plus a new large pix for Nursing Home visits.


Home Communion

Do you know anyone who is house bound or new to a Nursing Home and would like to receive Holy Communion? If so, please contact the Parish Office on 9450 5921 or email:


small faith christian communities

Our 5 Small Christian Communities will gather in the hall from 7 - 8:30 pm on Saturday 11 November 2017 to discuss their present and future needs.
A delicious pasta meal ($10 pp) will be provided courtesy of Bob & Jenny Albonico. For catering puposes, SCC Leaders are asked to please provide numbers to Tony on 0418 900 046


Busy Bee

1st and 3rd Saturday of the month
The Parish gardening group is urgently seeking more assistance, sadly, some of our members have retired and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them sincerely for their generousity over so many years. The next Busy Bee will be on Saturday 17 February 2018 commencing at 8.00 am. If any parishioners could offer an hour or so of their time commencing from 9.00 am we would be most grateful. Bring your own gloves, a happy smile and willing hands and join in the fun. Thank you. Fr Ossie.


Remember the sick

Please remember the sick and home bound members of our community. Remember and pray for those who are sick and are not able to be with us in our community Masses.


Working with children

During our recent priests meeting with the Archbishop at the Vietnamnese Catholic centre. all priests were reminded to ensure that those who are volunteers in the parish and are in contact with children must have a Working With Children Card. The penalty is very heavy for not possessing a WWC card, the parish can be fined $50,000. Apparently, the Australian Federal Police do spot checks. Should you have any doubts about the need to have a WWC card, please approach Fr Ossie for more clarification. Thank you.
We have been formally advised by the Working with Children authorities that EME´s are included in the list of those required to hold a valid WWC Card. This is effective immediately. We encourage you to NOT view this in a negative light, rather as a positive initiative to implement strategies that will help prevent the strocities of the past and keep our children safe now and in the future. We extend our sincere appreciation to our EME´s for their prompt attention to this matter aither by providing their current WWCC details or completing the application requirements to get a WWCC.



If anyone has photos of events held in our parish since the December ‘17 edition of the @HOME or would like to share information on a parish group, please contact the office on:

Sunday Cuppa

Morning Tea Roster

If you would like to be involved in the Sunday Cuppa Roster after the 8.30am or 10am Masses please add your name to the list in the church foyer.

Receiving the Blood of Christ


Please be reminded that the preferred way as recommended by the Archdiocese of Perth when coming to receive the Precious Blood of Christ is NOT BY INTINCTION but DRINKING from the Chalice.



....Always refer to your individual rosters for date/times, etc. as human error sometimes may occur when the weekly bulletin is compiled
Thank you. Fr.Ossie.


To all who use the hall / parish centre and Church. We have marvelous facilities in our parish, they are for our use but please do not abuse what we have, help to us to make sure the place is well taken care of. Should you use the facilities, please make sure that before you leave the premises, the lights, stereo system, aircon, gas etc are switched off. If the floor is dirty, please take time to sweep the place and keep it tidy. From now on anyone using the place must put a deposit of $50.


Firstly. I would like to thank you all for being an active parishioner helping out in the different ministries of our parish. It is a commitment that you have pride in taking part, and God bless you for giving yourselves to the community. Remember that it is your way of serving God and his people. If at any time you feel you need e break, please do not hesitale to let Fr Ossie know of your intention. Whenever you are not able to be present on the weekend you are rostered on please have the courtesy to find a replacement by contacting one of the other volunrtees. Thank you and God bless. Fr. Ossie.



Parish Priest: Fr Ossie Lewis
Resident Priest: Fr Greg Carroll
Parish Pastoral Assistants:
Nola Smith & Tony Pires
Sacristan: Joseph Muttupulle
Office Staff:
Cecilia Bray, Maggie Doyle
Safeguarding Officers Breda Pires (0422 237 261)& Jim Philips (0419 964 806)
Liturgy Committee: Nola Smith
Adult Faith Formation: Tony Pires
Sacramental Preparation:
Mark Ferroa
Sacred Environment: Megan Phillips
Holy Family Care: Magie Doyle
St Vincent de Paul Society:
Mike Cosson
Parish Pastoral Council Chair:
Marie Tiley
Finance Committee:
Leon Hanrahan
Maintenance Committee:
Jim Phillips
Grounds Maintenance:
Colin Howarth
Social Committee: Mary Tiley
Hall CoordinatorMaggie Doyle

Contact details for the above parishioners are available from the Church Office Monday-Friday 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

19 February - 25 February 2018

Monday 19 February 2018

  • No Mass
  • St Vincent de Paul Meeting - 7:30 pm - Meeting Room 1
Tuesday 20 February 2018
  • Rosary 8:30 am
  • Mass 9.00 am
Wednesday 21 February 2018
  • Rosary 8:30
  • Craft Group - Meeting Room 1 9.30 am - 11.30 am
  • Mass 10:00 am - Regis Como
  • PPc Meeting 7:00 pm - Meeting Room 1
Thursday 22 February 2018
  • Rosary 8:30
  • Mass 9.00 am
  • Adoration 9.30 am - 12.30 pm
Friday 23 February 2018
  • Mass 7:00 pm
  • Santo Pio Prayer Group 7:30 pm - 9 pm Hall
Saturday 24 February 2018
  • Holy Family Choir Rehearsal 9:00 am - Church
  • Ukulele Group 1:30 pm Hall
  • Mass - 6 pm
Sunday 25 February 2018
  • Mass 8.30 am
  • Children Liturgy
  • Mass 10.00 am
  • Children Liturgy
  • Baptism James Chia 11:30 am
  • Mandarin Mass 4.00 pm
  • Children Liturgy